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I have been going to Chiropractors for over seven years and because of frequent moves due to my occupation, have been to nine different Chiropractors across the country. I started going to Dr. Michael Noghrey in Honolulu about six months ago and he, by far, provides the best and most comprehensive care of any of them. Not only is Dr. Noghrey's neck, back, and spine care second to none, but he also corrected a 20-year long chronic pain issue I had with my shoulder that multiple physical therapy sessions over the years were only able to temporarily relieve, but not correct. Since he adjusted my shoulder four months ago, I have not had any pain in it and have regained full mobility and strength. Most remarkable to me though, has been the adjustments he made to my knee. My knee has been injured multiple times over the years and one surgery, and many, many physical therapy sessions left me with a pain that I thought I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. Reluctantly, I allowed him to adjust it and quite astonishingly when I got off the table the pain was gone. I was truly amazed, as I had no idea at that time that Chiropractic care could be used on the knees. Progressively after each weekly adjustment, my knee continues to heal, so much so that I have recently been able to start running again with no pain.

Dr. Noghrey is the patient, knowledgeable Chiropractor I have experienced and will continue to use him for my care as long as my job allows me to live on Oahu. I unequivocally recommend him as the first choice to take care of anyone's Chiropractic needs, whether their issue is with the back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle, jaw (he fixed my wife's Temporomandibular Disorder, TMD issue, which the dental specialist prescribed mouthpiece did not do- but that is for another review).

Paul Keyes, Navy


About two years ago I was in so much pain in my neck and back that I had to have cortisone injected into my lower spine and lidocane injected into my neck. Neither of these aggressive treatments did anything to help me. Within a couple months of being treated by Dr. Noghrey I was feeling relief and hope that I would not have to live my life in pain. I came to Dr. Noghrey with multiple chronic issue of pain (headaches, backaches, neck strain), instability, numbness with tingling and weakness from injuries and a physically staining lifestyle. Through his treatments I have seen so much improvement and in ALL areas and don't know where I would be without him today. I can walk and sleep better and I do not have the problems with pain and numb limbs anything close to what I use to. His encouragement and guidance for an overall healthy lifestyle is wonderful as well. Thank you Dr. Mike!! You are the best!!

Sharmil Elliot, Photographer


Dr. Noghrey is the best! My daughter no longer suffers from migraine headaches, my tennis elbow has resolved itself, and I'm more flexible overall. And being a baby-boomer flexibility for me is a big thing! He fosters a professional yet family friendly environment. We talk about our lives, mostly food, and he shares his wealth of knowledge regarding healthy life choices. He's opened my eyes to why being aligned the right way can make a difference in my health. His knowledge of anatomy and physiology, finding out what activities you do, what issues you are having with your body, and making the adjustments to fix it is amazing! I highly recommend him to everyone! Ask him about allergies and autism, very interesting. Check him out!

Colleen Swain


Dr. Noghrey has relieved a significant amount of my back pains, and pains in general, in just five treatments. I have chronic back and shoulder pains due to injuries. I started to see Dr. Noghrey in January 2011. I went in to my first treatment with a pain level of 8, and I went out of that first session at a pain level of 2. Dr. Noghrey was thorough in his examination. He understood the symptoms I expressed and adjusted me to provide immediate relief to my pains. He discussed with me therapeutic exercises and postures so I can work on them at home. Since that first treatment, I was able to maintain my pain level to about a 5 between treatments. My pain level would reduce to a level of 1 to 2 after each subsequent treatment. I have since felt much better overall than before receiving treatments. I have more energy, better posture and stamina, and most importantly, a more positive attitude about life now that I don't have to back pain to consume my energy every day.

Hsin-fu Wu


I highly recommend Dr. Noghrey. He is very knowledgeable and personable. The office is clean and relaxing which allows for a pleasant visit. I recommend him to all my friends and am a frequent customer there!

Shane Hanson, Basketball player at Chaminade University and ranked 8th in the country in scoring!


Dr. Mike Noghrey is the best neck adjuster. I had been apprehensive about neck adjustments because of an unpleasant experience. However, when Dr. Noghrey adjusts my neck I have not had any unpleasant side effects and, in fact, I feel immediate relief. Dr. Noghrey also sincerely cares for his patients. He is great with follow-up and giving comprehensive health advice.

Suzie A.


I went to Dr. Noghrey to see about having my posture, hunched-over shoulders, corrected, especially since they felt sore and tired at the end of the day. I always had to remind myself to stand-up straight and it was a continual battle.

Dr. Noghrey took some pictures of my skeleton and found that my hunched-over shoulders weren't just because of being forgetful to stand-up straight. I had the beginning or mid-stage spinal subluxation. The x-ray looked like the calcium was filling in between the vertebra and my neck was permanently curved forward. So I began a treatment program with Dr. Noghrey and now my posture has improved drastically. My family and friends notice how straight I stand. Plus, I have correct posture for longer than just the instant I remember to stand straight. And I no longer have that sore, achy feeling when I come home from being on the computer all day at the offic.

If you have any kind on ailment or disease, I recommend you see Dr. Noghrey or a chiropractor to eliminate the source of the problem. I have learned so much about the skeleton and spinal system and if anything is out of alignment, it is probably the cause of the illness. From carpal tunnel syndrome, to diabetes or high blood pressure - if your skeleton is out of alignment and pushing on a organ, the disease or pain most likely can be cured with chiropractic care.

Sorry I do not know of anyone at the moment to recommend, but I always do when I learn of friends and family who could benefit from chiropractic care. I am sold on it.
Heidi Hirsch, NOAA


Dear Dr. Noghrey,

Thank you for working so closely with me and taking the time to explain in such depth and detail you approach to corrective and preventative Chiropractive healing. As you know, this was my first experience with Chiropractic. You truly did help me to upgrade and maintain a heightened level of health. My back feels better and so do I.

Thanks again,

Joe Chang



My name is Rick Hipp. I came to International Family Chiropractic for numbness in my hands. Dr. Noghrey examined my situation very carefully and applied chiropractic techniques to my back and neck, within 30 days my numbness had cleared up. In fact, my posture is better and feel better in general! I would recommend International Family Chiropractic to anybody, not only with a specific ailment, but anybody that just wants to feel better in general.

Mahalo, Dr. Noghrey and International Family Chiropractic!


Since beginning visits to the Chiropractor, we've experienced improved movement and decreased pain. With time we are also seeing improvement in areas that were chronically affected by daily routines such as looking at a computer monitor. As Dr. Noghrey also treats the related soft tissue areas, we are also seeing improved strength and sports performance.

Lisa Fox, Stem Cells


"After going through a long period of pain in my lower back and both legs, the options of dealing with the pain medically were: 1) using drugs for extended periods of time; 2) epidural steroid injections; 3) surgery. I felt there must be other options before the final procedure of surgery so began researching with the assistance of my daughters. They agreed that I should try chiropractic to remove my spinal subluxations and decompression therapy before any surgery was to be done.

Medical science has done wonders in the past ten years, but one has to conceive medical science is still on a lot of experimental stages, and one cannot discount the science of Chiropractic care as an important option. Surgery may solve numerous problems, but is in itself "final"and you cannot re-do what has been taken away and should be a final option. The most natural way is always the best way, and should be made an option. Chiropractic care most definitely is an option to be considered and should not be discounted. An attempt to use this care should receive priority in seeking good health care, where ever a problem exists.

I have referred several of my family members and friends who have lagging pains, taking medications for extended periods of time to chiropractic care, some of whom have gone through physical therapy, acupuncture , laser and injection treatments, to seek chiropractic care, many of whom have had long term back ailments, have had surgery that have not been as successful as anticipated, some of them whom have said they just have to accept the fact that the pains will be lifetime. I believe it just doesn't have to be just accepted. It is worth just taking a little bit of a personal time to just make the little time to have a chiropractic consultation and it cannot hurt you and you may actually feel 100% better in helping yourself."

Ken Young, 1 August 2010


I knew I needed some care, help and focus regarding my body. Ever since I was a child I haven't had good posture. I've always felt awkward in my body. During my teenage years, I tended to turn inwards on many levels. I felt like I wasn't fully participating in life. Something was holding me back. I was ready for some healing and positive changes. I really didn't know which avenue to take. When I learned about International Family Chiropractic and the foundations of Chiropractic care, I knew immediately this could be the answer to my various symptoms. The initial exam and x-rays proved it all. Seeing is believing. I was ready to embrace this form of healing. After my first adjustment, I walked home and my knees were starting to ache because I was walking and using my weight differently. I immediately took an Epsom salt bath and slept. I had a second adjustment the next day and on my walk home I felt my stomach awaken and "light up". Three days passed for the weekend without an adjustment. My body already felt better. I still had some aches and muscle fatigue. I was excited for more adjustments to come. On Monday, July 31, PMS time, I was feeling tight, slightly irritated and fatigued. Dr. Michael Noghrey said that I was also dehydrated. The adjustment was huge; stomach (T6), lungs and C2! My eyes became huge and wide. I could really feel my upper body open up. I felt very chilled that evening. I took a hot bath and went to bed. On Tuesday, August 1st in the morning, I was not totally awake and the adjustment made me more relaxed and less resistant on the adjusting table. I had a good neck adjustment; I felt happy and positive today. Since Chiropractic care, I am experiencing more flexibility and in my neck with better range of motion and I am more aware of my posture.

Nicole Rieth


I have had Chiropractic care for one and a half months. I must say that I feel that my body is being adjusted gradually for the better. Before this treatment, I was treated by Doctors from both the Stanford Clinic and Stanford hospital. They took MRI's and referred me to a Physical Therapist. I personally fell that their diagnosis did not localize the primary cause of my problem. In fact, I feel they did not have a global view of my problem as they seemed to be rushing through the analysis trying to build a link with what they "usually encounter". In retrospect, I do not think they were sure during those two years, and I felt that in some way, other parts of my body became aggravated in the process (since everything else was being compensated for the "primary cause" which nobody had a clue about). I think Dr. Michael had a much better global perspective of my problem with fewer visits. At least my problem (linked to sciatica and other related problems) falls within his forte. Most importantly, the fact that I have a clearer view of my problems allows me to focus on "fixing" it better during treatments and gives me more confidence.

Sunil Sandhu


The stabbing headaches starting at the right side of my neck and numbness in my right arm and hand finally forced me to seek chiropractic help. Stress was a major contributor to the painful headaches.

A friend referred me to Dr. Noghrey for shoulder pain sometime before the headaches started. This was my first visit ever to a chiropractor and my first adjustment. I have to say that I have always been skeptical of the chiropractic profession. The stabbing headaches were gone the first day. Dr. Noghrey also adjusted my right hip and the very next morning I took it for a test run. I was able to walk to the beat of the Bee Gees for a one hour cardio workout.

Dr. Noghrey offered a 6-month chiropractic program to reverse the effects of aging bones that my x-rays revealed. At 61 years old, I gave it serious thought. I gave up my vacation to Machu Picchu to invest in my health. Along with the chiropractic program, I completed his detox program. The detox program’s goal was to clean the small intestines and colon to help the liver to function better. Added benefits was 25 pound weight loss and a change in lifestyle with a better diet, exercise and weight training.

Before starting the programs, I completed a physical and blood test with my internist, Dr Kathleen Kozak. After the first adjustments, Dr Noghrey and I were invited to participate on Dr Kozak’s radio program on Hawaii Public Radio called the Body Show. This was to share my experience in chiropractic adjustments. Now 6 months later, I completed another physical and blood test. I got a high five from Dr. Kozak because my liver count fell by 8 points and back to the normal healthy count. Headaches are gone, hips are moving and shoulder back in place.

Dr Noghrey is a sports chiropractor and specializes in extremities, the feet and toes, ankles, knees, hips, lower back, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck and spine. These are the areas I needed adjustments. Now after my program, I keep a standing appointment once a month for maintenance efforts because life happens.

This journey has been enlightening and satisfying as I learned about my bones, spine, nerves, and more on diet and exercise.

The outcome...priceless.

August 12, 2012

Lourdes Scheibert

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